Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Perfect Bliss

Every 2 weeks an event called Perfect Wardrobe has new articles from some of the best designers in SL.  All items are priced for 90L.  You will find top notch clothing, shapes, skins, etc from creators like Sticky Fingers, Lyric, Sorry Asia, Barbiedoll to name a few.  So needless to say, every two weeks I'm breathless with excitement and hopping over to Perfect Wardrobe to check out the hottest fashions at an excellent price!

I'll be posting 2 outfits from the sale this time. In both sets, I'm wearing a shape from a fantastic new shape store called Shape Obsession. It's a new store, but all the shapes are deliciously curvy and very very sexy!

First up is this freaking adorable monkey hat and leg warmers.  They come individually but they fit so well together you just can't get one without the other! They also had a cute elephant hat that I didn't get, but yeah, think I'll be heading back there tonight..

 Shape Obsession -Dani
Lara Hurley-Emma pink dark
[y] Adele - Winter Pack Black/Blond  (Perfect Wardrobe)
 Poetic Colors - Moroccan Nights - Freebie Eyes
-Sorry.Asia-  Eyelashes -3-
Flushed Cheek Tattoo:
Izzie's - Baby it's cold outside (Perfect Wardrobe)
Izzie's - Redness Tattoo
{lyric} Catching Snowflakes Necklace (Perfect Wardrobe)
.:: Delusions ::. Snowflakes  (Perfect Wardrobe)
Monkey Hat:
*Epic* Kawaii Knit Monkey Chapka [Hat] {Sea Green} (Perfect Wardrobe)
Top and Panties:
Belote - Ice Queen  - MPW (Perfect Wardrobe)
Leg Warmers:
*Epic* Knit Digi Warmers {Sea Green} (Perfect Wardrobe)

The second outfit feature an adorable winter dress from Sticky Fingers.  The prims flow beautifully and with a winter background the whole look is absolutely gorgeous.  I also added a mesh winter hat from Essences
that was at Perfect Wardrobe.  Gotta keep a girls ears warm!

Shape Obsession -Dani
Lara Hurley-Emma pink dark
[y] Adele - Winter Pack Black/Blond  (Perfect Wardrobe)
Poetic Colors - Moroccan Nights - Freebie Eyes
-Sorry.Asia-  Eyelashes -3-
Flushed Cheek Tattoo:
Izzie's - Baby it's cold outside (Perfect Wardrobe)
Izzie's - Redness Tattoo
[GLUE INK] Tattooed Tongue
{.essences.} UNISEX MESH winter hat (Perfect Wardrobe)
:+*R*+: Rigoletto Necklace Silver
:+*R*+: Rigoletto Pierced Earrings Silver
Sticky fingers ~ My white dress up dress (Perfect Wardrobe)
::: B@R ::: White Lotus  Gloves
.:A&M:. My Fav Bracelet  - White Pearls

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cold Days Ahead

I wanted to start a blog, not only because most of my friends are doing them, but because I do love fashion.  I spend hours shopping, trying on different clothes, skins, and shoes until I find that perfect look.  What better way to show it off than on a blog?  
The other day a friend told me about a 75% off clearance sale Coco is having so had to stop by and check it out. They have great jackets for fall and winter so now is a perfect time for a sale! I'm not sure how long the sale is going to last so might want to check it out ASAP :) 

Skin:  Lara Hurley-Katya grey dark tan
Hat:  *COCO*_FlowerPetalHat_MilkyPink
Eyes:  .ID. Shine v2 - Brown
Lashes:  (AMD) Ultimate Lashes - Hot Mess
Makeup: DAMNED - Kiss Me To Death  / Pack 1
Earrings:  [MANDALA]:SENJYU Earrings/Day Dream
Necklace:  [MANDALA]Milky Way Choker/ Polly White
Coat:  *COCO*_TuxedoJacket_Black
Bracelet/Rings:  [MANDALA] Lotus Chain Bracelet and Hand Rings/ Black
Nails:  [MANDALA] Nail Palette 1 Medium
Panties: d. Select Underwear cotton panties stripes
Boots:   *COCO*_RuffleAnkleBoots_Garnet