Thursday, March 23, 2017

№ 316 ~• jąρ๏ɲɨȼą •

These outfits are from Japonica .  An adult themed Japanese event that has very sexy, mainly adult, items.  I found a few outfits that I absolutely loved and for this blog I'll be sharing two of them.  The gold undies that I wore with the red outfit does have a top that I didn't show with the outfit.  It does look pretty hot either way but I definitely like to free the nipple ;) 
 Japonica  is running until April 9th, so make sure you check it out. You honestly won't be disappointed. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

№ 315 • ĸυѕтoм9 and тнe arcade •

When I saw this outfit at kustom9 I knew that I had to pull out some weapons and have some fun.  It is made by Violent Seduction and although my guns are about a billion years old they still can kick some ass..just ask my friends that I've used them on..much to their annoyance. =P
I found the hair from Tableau Vivant at the arcade event and topped it off with evil bunny ears and eyes from MoonRabbitThis outfit is perfect for dark RP and I absolutely love how it looks! I do hope you enjoy it as well ;) 

Monday, March 13, 2017

№ 314 нaιrology and мeѕн вody addιcтѕ

Checked in at  hairology and Mesh Body Addicts last night and found this really cute hair that is exclusive for the event.  It's from no.match and lately they've been coming out with some really sick styles.  One of my favorite things about this hair is that the mesh fits really well against the body and doesn't stick out to far like a lot of hair styles in SL does.
Next stop was the Mesh Body Addicts Event.  I totally almost passed this outfit up..thinking that it was just another leggings and top that are at almost every single event lately. But this one from  Cuddle Up is sooo cute and I'm glad that I tried the demos.  These leggings have 4 different styles you can wear and I love every single one of them.  Of course I love the cute little skirt the best..cuz I absolutely love having my ass hanging out =P I found a couple other outfits there and it was definitely worth the stop!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

№ 313 there anybody out there?  It's been months since I blogged anything at all but I do think that I'm ready to jump back in.  I'm going to try to do at least 3 a week but it takes me so much time and since I do work irl, we'll see =)
 Going to focus mainly on events, and try to put together a decent outfit from each one that I go to. Maybe even a couple per blog since some of the great events have way to many cute outfits to pick just one..we'll see how it goes and hopefully you'll like what i put together ;) Today the event is collabor88.  Love the outfit from CandyDoll but hey that's to be expected. Cute little slippers from Reign match up perfectly and you can get them at the event as well. Make sure to stop by and check this one's well worth it ♥

hair~no.match_ ~ no_further ~
kitty ears~TABOU. Kitty chic Ears
septum~LOTUS. Treasure Septum
choker~.:Avanti:. Aeva Choker 
dress~_CandyDoll_ Andrea Jumpsuit @ collabor88
sandals~ Reign.- Lazy Slides @ collabor88

Friday, October 14, 2016

№ 312

For my post today I'm going to be featuring another outfit that I found at Collabor88.  It has a great boho look and is made by Zaara,  one of the best stores in SL.  The skirt comes with 2 different options: one of them being the solid color of your choice and the other has a mixture of patterns and different colored ruffles. I really love this sexy carefree look and I think that the new hair, Cinnamon from EXxesS, fit with it perfectly! 
The sim that I found to take these photos in was absolutely beautiful with lots of fun poses.  It has lots of different scenes and is really another great place for photos.  If you get a chance be sure to check out Boombastic Lover's Isle.  It has water and sand and tree houses and more..You'll love it there!