Wednesday, March 29, 2017

№ 317 • ѕнιиу ѕнαвву •

This outfit is really cute and sexy.. and the frills on the bottom part of my dress tease just a little bit by being short enough to give a nice little peek when my avi moves just right.  The dress is at shiny shabby and I really love the color and texture of it in this deep burgundy color. It is made by Valentina E
The hair and ears are from made by Besom.  They have collaborated with Reign and Flite for a set that really is a must have.  You can see the outfit here. The hair comes with the veil and you have several different options to chose from.  There are 4  different types: bear, bunny, cat and plain. love them and love this outfit ♥

hair with ears~*Besom~Show Stopper NEW!
collar~Stockholm&Lima: Laced Collar 
dress~:V.e. Margot Dress Bordeaux @ shiny shabby NEW!
stockings and heels~REIGN.- classic jane heels and stockings

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